All-Region/All-State Audition Material
Updated 08/13/2019
SET III for 2019-2020 School Year
Junior High Wind and Percussion
Senior High Wind and Percussion
Senior High String Orchestra
Junior High South String Orchestra Audtion
Junior High North String Orchestra Audition Material
Junior High North String Scales
Wind & Percussion for North & South Orchestra
Junior High  --- Senior High
Will be chosen from Set III Materials

Specific Instrumentation for Auditions will be announced when
Region Clinicians have submitted their programs for the Clinic.
Not ALL Instruments on this List are Guaranteed Inclusion at this time.
Junior High Scales - Wind & Percussion
Senior High Scales - Wind & Percussion
Percussion Rudiments
Senior High String Orchestra Scales
Errata for Junior & Senior - Updated 10-25-11
Senior High Jazz Materials
Junior High Jazz Materials