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prada outlet Afghanistan is a failure.
Fifteen years later, the first American dispersion and the air bombardment of the taliban, the battlefield through tens of thousands of American troops from the recovery of the taliban in jeopardy.
The United States has spent more than $115 billion in the longest war in history. Conflict in the lives of 1865 people in the United States, 20224 injured (as of November 16), many life - shattering were injured.prada bags sale However, the main goal set by President George w. Bush, George w. Bush and Barack Obama (Barack Obama) has not yet been implemented: Afghanistan is not a stable, democratic and terrorists are still working to find a safe haven.
Even if a staunch supporter of the American intervention, such as vice President Joe biden, now appears to be deeply concerned.
But few people in the United States.
Last month the 15th anniversary of the war began by almost without prior notice. The president-elect Donald trump face a stark choice - more troops? More money? The withdrawal? - in the presidential campaign,prada replica has not yet received the attention in the coming months warning, need to carefully consider action.
And time is short.
Major cities in Afghanistan by the taliban and other islamist militants, constantly take more territory.
In their way, the United States, 7000 U.S. military training and advice to Afghan forces, and another in 6000 mainly engaged in the special forces of counterterrorism operations. Last week, two soldiers, from 1st cavalry division sgt. John perry, 30, stockton, California and manning Iubelt Taylor, 20 Tamaroa, Illinois, suicide bombers in bagram, major U.S. military base in Afghanistan. Two American contractor, not by the us department of defense, death, 17 people were injured.
Also may be tens of thousands of Afghan people,prada handbags especially women and children, they rely on the U.S. commitment to help protect them what progress in autonomy, and education on human rights. On Monday in the growing violence,prada bags outlet 30 people were killed and more than 70 people injured bomb explosion in a mosque in Kabul. Islamic countries claim.
Afghanistan to trump's opinion, even though he believes building a school is a waste of money. In his most detailed comments, he declared in 2012, the United States intervention is "a comprehensive and complete disaster."
It may be a few months ago the White House can trump from such criticism into a coherent strategy in Afghanistan.
The Afghan army and police can't against insurgents,prada bags cheap although the amount of $68 billion by the United States is trying to establish the country's security forces. Lost one-third of the Afghan army soldiers every year between combat casualties, desertion and those who refuse to regain. Officials reportedly pocket of pay does not exist "ghost warrior."
The taliban "continue to expand their influence," the pentagon admitted this fall. U.S. army general John Nicholson, a senior commander in Afghanistan, told reporters that in July, excessive Afghan army basically admitted that region of the taliban.
The pentagon's latest data, provide the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, according to a 407 districts in the country, the number of controlled by the government have been from May 267 to August 258. The taliban control only eight zone and affect the other 25, according to pentagon data. But a new independent analysis found that more bad news: the taliban control or influence 97 districts, 70 from a year ago.
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From these areas, the rebels have been able to launch a serious and sustained attack five provincial cities: kunduz in the north, Michael maner in the northwest, southeast of tallinn walcott, farah city south and west of lashkar gah.
Gormach northeast city, a vital position in the strategic ring road connecting the main cities, seize this autumn. Kunduz, U.S. and allied troops spent years to train security forces,prada bags replica to help the local economy and stable government, has more than two times. This autumn, special forces rushed reinforcements to Afghanistan in kunduz and lashkar gah,prada replica with the help of American air strikes and special forces and force to repel taliban attacks. The rebels are still in the cities and suburbs of sporadic fighting continues.
In the western city of Mazar e - Sharif, Germany and the United States the main military base, hurriedly evacuated after the German consulate, taliban militants last week with a huge truck bomb attack, killing four people were killed and 128 wounded in Afghanistan.
Local corruption, ethnic bickering and incompetent officials have eroded people's faith in their governments and effectively provides a security base to continue to attack the taliban, according to the analysis of the two American officers in kunduz.
The latest taliban gains, even temporarily, further shaken the trust of the people. Forty-two percent of afghans think safety is than it was under the rule of the taliban in the 1990 s, according to a recent UN report. The number of refugees in Europe increased by 83%.
Because of the war, the level of violence intensified terror and civilian more and more victims. New Afghan air force solely responsible for civilian casualties increased by 72% since 2015, the UN said. July suicide bombings and islamic terrorists, 85 peaceful protesters were killed, 85 wounded, the United Nations called the most deadly incident is the country since 2001. Deaths and injuries of children has risen 15% this year, as the taliban attacks on schools and clinics.
"For god, don't kill innocent afghans," an elderly widow from kunduz, bibi gul, tell Afghan news in Afghanistan. Her 35 years old son lost in battle. Stop the war, she begged, "or kill all of us together forever end our dilemma."
People fear, said Patricia Gossman, human rights watch, a senior analyst at Afghanistan. "Earnings (the), and the attitude now is we must put them regardless of cost." "
"Terrible," she added. Gossman has access and research in Afghanistan since the early 1990 s.
To these difficult problems,prada outlet national government's embarrassing political power-sharing arrangement, promoted by the United States in 2014 has evolved into a quarrel. In August of this year, a chief executive announced other "no" to lead the nation. Systemic corruption continues to try to reform, soaring opium production.
"I regret in Afghanistan and the real problem," biden told NBC's "meet the press" on October 16th. But as U.S. troops currently in Iraq and Syria, he added, "there must be a humble what can be done."
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