State Marching Band Contest
(Procedures & Registration Below)

         I.     Qualification to Entry-Schools that choose to participate at the Arkansas State Marching Contest must earn a 1st or 2nd Division at Region
               Marching Assessment.
  Schools will have to pre-register by a prescribed date.  If a band pre-registers for the event, and does not qualify at
               Region Assessment then the entire amount of the registration fee will be refunded.

            II.     Prescribed Date - The event will be held Monday-Tuesday of the 18th AAA calendar week, rain date is Monday-Tuesday of the 19th week.  For  2017
                Monday-Tuesday, October 30-31 - rain date Monday-Tuesday, November 6-7. For 2017 - Classes A, AA, AAA on Monday; Classes AAAA, AAAAA on 

           III.    Fees - The Registration Fee for this event will be $300.00. Tickets for State Marching Contest will be $10 each. Number of passes that will be 
                available for each group are listed in Contest Rules Document below.

           IV.     Format of Contest - The bands will compete by ASBOA Classification in this event. Each band will perform once during the contest (no finals).   
                There will be 3 music judges and 2 visual judges for the event.
  The scoring breakdown would be 60% Music, and 40%  Visual.

             V.     Awards (Find a Corporate Sponsor for Awards)

         1st Division Marching Ensemble

         3rd Place in Class

         2nd Place in Class

         1st Place in Class

         Overall Music

         Overall Visual


State Marching Band Contest Procedures   --   All Classes   --   A MUST READ!

3 Steps to Register - All Due October 2, 2017

1 - Entry Form
2 -
SMC Entry Cover Sheet and Invoice
3 -
SMC Copyright - PDF - Word

g Band Contest Registration