Music Programs for Houston - FLYER

Dear Colleagues,


As we are all aware, Houston sustained heavy damage from Hurricane Harvey.  Fortunately, assistance from around the country has begun, and a terrific number of relief efforts are underway! 


One such relief effort is close to our hearts - “Music Programs for Houston”.  Monte Mast, Director of Fine Arts in the Birdwell ISD and Eric Sabach from the Stanbury Company have joined together to initiate opportunities for our band programs to assist those Houston programs that have been so heavily impacted.  They are working hand in hand with the Texas Bandmasters and Texas Music Educators Association, as well as corporate entities to provide support for these program -- and WE can help.


At this time, they are asking that we create an “accessories drive”.  So, we have begun one at Arkansas Tech, and would be thrilled if you would host one in your community.  There is flyer available on the homepage of  describes the details of the drive. Space is left for you to insert the specific information about your local drive. Please note that they are NOT seeking instruments at this time.


If you host an accessories drive, please encourage folks to go to the page “Music Programs for Houston” where they can be kept updated with progress and needs.


After the drive is complete (around 9/20), please send your gathered materials to Julia in the ASBOA office.  She has generously offered to coordinate all of the materials, and arrange for transport to Texas – perhaps via box truck if we are successful enough!


Gently used materials are welcome, and instructions are included in the Facebook page for folks who have the means to purchase new accessories for these programs and students.


Please let Julia or me know if you have any questions, and thank you for considering participating in the drive.  I believe that we can do some good here for our neighbors in their time of need!






Dr. Daniel A. Belongia

Director of Bands

Associate Professor of Music

Arkansas Tech University